Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Know Your Audience, Know Yourself

I am currently reading a kids book. Now some people say that adults reading Harry Potter and the like are a bunch of losers. I disagree, Harry Potter is brilliant and I cannot wait for the next instalment. I have actually had a row with my Aunty Alice about this whole subject, as she thinks kids books should be for kids only, I think ‘why?’

You see the current book I am reading is Artemis Fowl (as bought in my favourite place – Oxfam) and yes I have been getting some weird looks on the tube, but that might be from working from 7am everyday and I don’t look pretty in the mornings – or the day for that fact. Anyways I digress! I am reading ‘Artemis Fowl’ and why? Because I have learnt something interesting from my endless reading about writing – read more, and read more of what genre you wish to write!

As some of you may know I am on the mission of writing my first children’s book ‘Miriam Perry and the Secret of Wishingstone Way’. The first of the Miriam Perry Chronicles – I have an idea for at least three so far, the second ones having some dragons in that I cannot stop thinking about and is sidetracking me from the first book. Pesky creatures those dragons! So I thought ‘right’ better get reading the competition and do you know what – it’s a good book. I didn’t think fairies and technology would keep me entertained (it certainly is kids – it’s a mammoth seller) but it did, and damn it – I will read more kids books, they are brill.

So sorry Alice BUT I think you’re most definitely wrong. And haven’t I seen you slightly over engrossed in your soon to be Step Son’s copies of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’?

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