Monday, January 08, 2007

Brazil & Beatrix

After being a royally lazy slag yesterday and spending my Saturday sleeping until two in the afternoon I did something with my day today. Sundays historically for me have been that evil middle day between my day off and going back to work. So I have normally filled Saturday with events and left Sunday as a day of rest also known as the day I mope about wishing I didn’t have work the next day.

Today however was different. Alaercio took me to Rico’s in Angel to try out some of his homeland food – Brazilian. In my head it was going to go two ways. It could be a really dodgy dark place and the food would just be big greasy slabs of meat, or it could be full of life, music and amazing salads. It was closer to the latter of the two.

The whole event was lovely. It was a bit like Questo (if you have been there) where they have loads of gorgeous salads and starters, then they bring around lots of different meats and serve you at your table. In honesty the meat was a bit too much for me, it was really rare and seemed a bit too ‘wild’ for me. So I stuck with the salads and practically ate my body weight in ‘Bread-cheese’ which is like dough balls but cheese that makes a kind of bread – the name says it doesn’t it… I didn’t need to go too in-depth on that one. Savoury bananas are awesome, I thought I’d be sick as I am a ‘fruit is only for pudding’ man, but this was delicious. Only thing that I couldn’t stomach was chicken hearts. No, no, no.

After this we met Pander’s (who is having a bit of man woe) to see Miss Potter. You HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to see this movie. We all cried, we all laughed and we all loved. Ok so Renee does Bridget Jones in the olden days but it’s a touching and enjoyable film that certainly doesn’t deserve the rubbish reviews that its been getting frankly. The whole cast were fantastic and basically I loved it! After had few drinks with Panders and then walked over the Thames in romantic like style… was lovely day! Has made me dread today even more!

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