Monday, January 08, 2007

The Emancipation of Love

Had another mammoth chat with Michelle tonight, only we managed 2 hours almost rather than just the one. What I love about Mitch is that we can happily just talk absolute crap to each other and it’s great. Tonight’s topic was Mills and Boon. Something that Mitch introduced me to when our fabulous friendship started and had me hooked on for a while.

Well we have decided to write a masterpiece together. Like that couple who write ‘real’ masterpieces together we have had a vision and now we are going to take it in turns to write a chapter and write a ten chaptered Mills and Boon like its never been written before. The heroine of the story is… Geraldine Day, and its working title is ‘The Emancipation of Love’. My first two tasks are to write the ‘blurb’ and the first chapter for her to see on Saturday. So really I had better get a wriggle on!

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