Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Birds Eye View of London

Wednesday 11th April

I really should work for the tourist information of London. It is great going out with someone who isn’t from the UK. Mr B is from Brazil and so when we can we do all the touristy things that I would otherwise never do. Having family come down is the same again. My aunty Caroline was in town with my cousin Florence and I had promised to take her on the London Eye (I soon regretted it when I remembered the height – I couldn’t stand up the last time I was on it) Mr B hadn’t been on it either so he came along for the ride… literally.

It was so sweet when Florence saw me; she literally ran and jumped into my arms. It’s quite nice being the oldest cousin by 16 years. I can treat them all to lots of things and play with them and be a real silly sod. Maybe that’s what they like? My aunty Caroline did her best to sell me to Mr B by telling him what a good father I would be ‘kids love Simon, he just seems to understand them and they just want to be around him’ Mr B later added ‘because you’re a bloody clown’. You can tell he loves me and worships the ground I walk on cant you?

I coped ok with the 30 minutes of high up hell! Florence wanted me to walk around with her but I physically couldn’t so I just sat down and just said ‘oh look over there Flo’. She had no fear which is great; Caroline got slightly panicked when she saw Florence just leaning on the glass with all her weight. Mr B meanwhile was happily wandering around getting everyone to take his picture! Caroline made me wet myself when it came to the ‘official’ photo that they take at the bottom ‘shall I get my boob out’ she loudly announced.

Caroline had to dash after a meal at ‘Gourmet Pizza’ (which is becoming a new favourite haunt for me due to their legendary Chicken Caesar Salads) and Mr B taking Flo on the helter skelter’s at Tate Modern. Mr B and I were then going to go to the London Dungeon but the queue was horrific being Easter holidays so we went to Westminster, its bloody £10 to get in! I let Mr B go and do some praying in the church nearby and then we went home.

How is my health? Well yesterday was the ultra sound in which I finally have had, no it’s not a baby so that’s good news. I won’t however know the results for a week. I have however got new lumps so with my past history I am off for a full body scan within the next few weeks, delightful. I just don’t quite feel right in myself.

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