Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Who You Know

Monday 23rd April 2007

It is great when you come into the office and have gifts on your desk. TLS (Times Literary Supplement) have the offices next door and there is one woman who I shan’t name lets call her ‘M’ who has become somewhat of a legend to me.

She lets me go through the books she receives and no longer needs, and is just so sweet. Example one; a few weeks ago I was raving to her about Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, then she saw I was reading Jamaica Inn and suddenly there she is with a special as yet to be released book all about Daphne and her work. Example two; have told her am off to Haworth this weekend to see the Bronte’s home and will be devouring all things Bronte. On my desk today was an early edition of ‘Bramwell’ the tale of the Bronte brother and a sweet little note. This kind of thing gives me hope in people. It’s also nice that with an estimated age gap of about 20/30 years we get on so well.

Also in addition (novelists/authors now is the time to start sucking up) she heard me discussing my reviewing for Waterstones and is recommending me to one of the Fiction editors to write the ‘in brief’ section about great fiction… it’s too much!

This will come as no surprise to you… it has royally cheered me up.

In a sad book turn of events, I have given up reading ‘The Last Witchfinder’ by James Morrow. I really wanted to get into it and was, but with having to fit in a review of a new children’s book for Waterstones and having to start a Bronte Book before Friday – I just haven’t got the time. From what I read its great, so will pick it up again soon!

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