Thursday, April 05, 2007

Drained & Groggy

Well I have literally been drained today... well this afternoon, managed work this morning despite wishing I could just stay in bed and curl up and die. One of the delightful things when you have a lump down below is that it can cause excess fluid in the area. This causes swelling and some of the most unbearable pain. Lads – you know when someone kicks you in the balls? Imagine that times ten and your just about close. I actually threw up it hurt so much at one point.

So whisked myself into the docs and had a chat with him and was sent down to the nurse. It’s a great day when you show your nether regions to two people you have no wish to in the space of ten minutes. I thought it couldn’t get much worse, and then out came the syringe.

A prick on your prick is really not pleasant (ok so it wasn’t on that exact area – I just wanted to write that) it’s a very, very weird sensation; some might even call it queer. This totally beats the male swab at a GUM Clinic for awkwardness and pain. Bless the nurse, she was trying to make small talk and take my mind of it, I was doing my best to just breathe and relax and try to work out what I needed from the shops. I didn’t realise I would barely be able to walk anywhere after, thank god my house is on a direct bus route.

I have just come home and slept. The pain killers are not really having any known effect. I still feel as shit as I did before I arrived at the docs only now with something similar to a panty liner attached to my scrotum. Delicious… hey? I am so attractive aren’t I?

I do hate sleeping midday or early evening and waking up later. The ‘groggy effect’ I like to call it, and I missed the bloody Apprentice. I’m glad to hear that Sophie is still in the running though I do like her. Right I best make a move as I refuse to miss ‘Louie Theroux – The Most Hated Family in Britain’ for the second time. I heard it was so awful and horrific I must watch it. Also have some Pizza Express Dough Balls in the oven… have just realised what an apt meal that is!

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