Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blog Envy

Monday 2nd April

I have found a new technological and emotional disease… its called Blog Envy! I have been introduced to one of my teams Blog’s via someone else in the office and I am quite, quite jealous. Her words are eloquent, she uses a brilliant turn of phrase and it’s generally much better than mine. ‘Minted’ you are talented lady – I now hate you ha, ha, ha. One thing that sadly depressed me was that I wasn’t mentioned once (call me shallow, self centred, whatever) but I had hoped I had a bit of a ‘fun’ impact on peoples days and now I am not so sure.

I’ve created a new myspace for mine and Mitch’s legendary duo written book which we are going to write. You can find it at add us etc. It’s going to be a Mills & Boon classic of orgasmic proportions called ‘The Emancipation of Love’, does that sound legendary or are we insane? Mitch has written a brilliant blog on how to write a M&B classic on her myspace it made me laugh and laugh.

Oh the flirting is still ongoing in the office between me and Mr M! However what I am not appreciating is that I am apparently the one who started it and managers frowning upon it. It’s just fun, but I guess people will talk, but to make it clear I will not be having an affair on Mr B, he is far too special and I have been cheated on and cheated and its no fun. Score settled I think.

Oh, I also went for a few bevies with my mate Harv tonight. Was lovely, I couldn’t stay out too long as I am lacking in sleep (despite my 15 hour marathon on Friday night) and also twinges downstairs are doing me no favours in going out or wanting to be out frankly!

Lump update – no news on ultrasound, is aching a lot tonight but was quite silent most of the day!

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Potta said...

I only just read this and it's so, so sweet. You're only not mentioned because my words couldn't do justice to how great I think you are. But please know that I do think you're awesome. xxx