Saturday, April 14, 2007

Looking Over London

Monday 9th April

There is nothing quite like looking over London to sort you out. Today I woke up late (after a night in Casualty due to so much BA I almost couldn’t bear it) and took the tube to Hampstead. The destination was the highest part of Parliament Hill. It is featured in so many films (Notes on a Scandal, Scenes of a Sexual Nature to name a few) as the best view of London and it’s a true statement.

Despite the dull ache in my down below area, I just sat there with Mr B and contemplated everything! There were lots of other people enjoying the sun and the sights but it seemed so quiet and still. You can watch the whole world pass by from a great height yet with the ground firmly beneath your feet (most of you will know I have a HUGE fear of heights).

We then walked all around the heath, even seeing people swimming in the lakes – are they crazy? I might give it a go if it gets hotter later in the year. Then it was time for a pint in the gay pub the King William, however how it has changed since I worked in Hampstead last, it’s a bit of a wine only venue. My favourite restaurant is still going strong though. We had a gorgeous dinner at ‘Toast’ which is built in the upstairs of the Underground Station so it has stunning architecture and a really nice vibe. I had forgotten how expensive it was though, we spent £60 and that was after 20% off, I almost passed out!

I was quite sad as we left though, it was the ending of a brilliant weekend and I really didn’t want it to end. I just wish I could win the lottery and never work again, or just write and write and sit on hills whenever I needed time to get my thoughts together. I have to say it did give me some clarity on my writing! I think the fog of writers block is lifting and I might now be able to get back on track.

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