Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So Long Stockport

Sunday 22nd April 2007

I am sat in Virgin’s first class coach again. So far (I do not wish to tempt fate) bar the train arriving 5 minutes late as we were assured it was still on time, the journey has been ok. True first class is not serving tea and coffee as it should and there is an unknown child on here (see last Sunday’s Blog) but so far I haven’t paid to upgrade, and also the child in question is quite cute and has even made me smile and wave at her a few times. Shocking behaviour I know.

The weekend has been (bugger I just got charged to upgrade – Virgin really are pigs, if there was any justice after last week I would have gotten it free) quite a laugh although Aunty A broke down today which was really upsetting, I may come back to that later, I may not.

As you know I arrived late on Friday (sorry just working out how attractive the ticket man is – its fine not as cute as Mr B) and was met, whisked back to theirs and fed some rather delicious chilli. We then watched Peep Show which I still think is shit, talked about Mr B, talked about weddings and then went to bed – I was a bit tired and pathetic. I also wanted to start really getting into ‘The Last Witchfinder’ – its not really happening yet – and just have some sleep catch up.

Woken on Saturday by what I thought was an alarm hidden somewhere in the room only to discover that it was my grandparents ringing the front doorbell. We sat and chatted for quite a while then we went (I have just been laughing at a train spotter in Rugby, why do people do that hobby it’s pointless) out to Stockport. It’s nice; I bought some stuff, not really much to right home about. Did however have some awesome Bitter, I normally don’t like it but this was delicious it was called ‘Bearly Literate’ and made from the unwanted yeast etc in the mill next door. Then went to a few more pubs, back to get Guardian and Telegraph (still no news on that competition) then Dr Who, which was good.

Had a curry (my grandparents proved to be extremely un-pc the whole meal long) which I thought was superb, Gran got annoyed about something and kicked Bong, always nice to see. I then went back and went to bed. Oh Gran asked me about Mr B, she has blatantly been told all the latest and just wanted to act like she was so with it! Made me laugh… inside, I didn’t want her kicking me under the table.
Today has seen me (this kid is actually quite a sweetie) watch PM’s son N in a Parade for St Georges Day through Stockport, watch Aunty A break down about the fact she’s going into hospital as she can’t conceive (I felt heartbroken and really upset seeing her like that – she will be amazing when she has kids) and have a nice Sunday lunch and yet am now hungry. I may in fact have to bite the bullet now and give Virgin even more money for a sandwich which irks me quite strongly! I can almost feel a sulk coming, but I won’t let it.

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