Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nosey Parker Savidge

Thursday 12th April

This is how sad I am. On the tube this morning a woman looked so deeply engrossed in a book that I was jealous (though ‘Jamaica Inn’ is awesome) that I wanted to know what it was. All I could see – she was sat next to me – was the blurb on the back and it was infuriating me. I needed to know what the book was before she put it away or got off the tube.

I tried bending down to act like my laces needed tying up to get a peek, didn’t work. I looked in the window ahead in order to try and read the reflection but couldn’t read it backwards. I was getting so vexed, especially as the blurb looked so good. I then thought maybe the partition before the doors would reflect it no. So instead I had to get up and move to make out like was getting off and finally I saw it. ‘The American Boy’ by Andrew Taylor, I have now done a read it swap it for it!

I am so sad aren’t I?

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