Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dream Jobs... Who'd Have Em

I have to announce that sadly one of my dream jobs is never going to be possible. Yes, Simon becoming the first gay Dr Who assistant just wont work. How do I know? If I can’t cope with the spinning of a full body scan, how will I cope with the Tardis?

To expand on that; as you may all know I have had a health issue of late with lumps and bumps. If anyone calls it my meat and two veg one more time I will kill them. In checking everything they have discovered more lumps and bumps in my arms and legs, so to be safe, I have had to have a full body scan. I now have sea sickness/motion sickness. It whirs around you and is so bloody noisy. ‘You can sleep if you want’ I was told. If I lived on a foghorn farm that might have been fine, as I would be deaf, this contraption was not built for those who are light sleepers. Anyways that’s why I will not be the new Dr Who assistant; it’s a sad day lol.

I am a bit more upbeat this week which is good. Probably to do with Yorkshire on Friday, we have all suddenly got really excited. You would think we were kids getting to go to Disneyland.

Other dream job is going ok. No not the writing, we won’t talk about my book. I always wanted to review books, it’s something in the blood – my mother and Gran are avid book freaks too. So doing it for Waterstones and New Books Magazine is great most of the time. I either love or loathe a book, sadly at the moment the book I am reading has me torn in two directions.

It’s the new Marcus Sedgwick book ‘Blood Red Snow White’ which is out on the 5th of July. It’s interesting as I have read some of his other stuff and really liked it, this book I knew nothing about. It’s for older children and is partly about the Russian revolution, and also biographically about the author Arthur Ransome – the latter is the most interesting. It does have me torn. Chapters are short which is a plus point, but they also seem a bit repetitive. I’m no prude but can I say would you want your kids reading the line ‘the curtains opened and they caught sight for a brief moment of Rasputin, his trousers round his ankles, waving his penis at them’? I am not sure I would.

Anyway that’s left you something to think about, I must go and read the final 60 pages!

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