Saturday, April 14, 2007

All The Fun of the Fair

Saturday 7th April

On the second day of my long weekend of spending the same money in London as I would on a holiday abroad it was Thorpe Park on the Simon itinerary. Spanielle had got some buy one get one free tickets and so it was her and Nick, Muffin and Al and me and Mr B.

It was really good fun and we all had a laugh but I think I must be getting a bit of a pathetic old man. I used to be rock hard and would throw myself on any ride going. Muffin who had never been on any rollercoaster’s was harder than me! She was straight on Stealth with the others while I stood in the sidelines – she was sick when she got home though I have been told!

I did have the slight disadvantage of ‘bollock ache’ as I am now referring to it. The pain is getting a little unbearable and the painkillers don’t seem to be having very much effect at all. I still managed ‘Nemesis’ and most of the other big ones but something in the pressure changed caused twinges I haven’t felt before.

Also, we don’t know what was happening at Thorpe that day but every ride seemed to close down. Nemesis was shut when we arrived and then opened, Colossus kept shutting down and we witnessed the engineers at the top of the ride fixing it, I then refused to go on it. I am thinking of emailing them a strongly worded piece about how we couldn’t get on some for ages, and didn’t manage to get to ride a few at all. God, I am turning into my Gran.

Right I need my bed; my head is spinning from all the loops.

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