Sunday, April 15, 2007

Get Your Party Pants On

Friday 13th April

It was the day I have been dreading for a few days. I had organised the quarterly work party and it happened today. I had made sandwiches, bought endless cakes, crisps, biscuits and jellies (so many jellies I couldn’t actually carry them) and devised a quiz for the whole office to get involved with. I was getting really stressed that everyone thought it would be a load of shit.

It was a success; even the managing director got involved and said how much fun he had. So after it was all over I had a celebratory drink or five. I am now quite royally sozzled and at home.

Oh I must say a big thanks to the man (I won’t name names) who sent me a lovely letter via Bent. I am glad I am helping people in my own little way and was really touched by your letter… yes I have a fan! Right need to do some sleeping as everyone has told me how bloody tired I look. Thanks people!

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