Saturday, April 14, 2007

In the Midst of the Monkeys

Sunday 8th April

I think this weekend I might be starting to sound like I am on the London Tourist Board with these Blogs. So far we have had Equus, Kew Gardens and Thorpe Park. Today was London Zoo.

We arrived at Baker Street and I wanted to show Mr B the home of Sherlock Holmes. I love Sherlock Holmes and have always wanted to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum so thought we could get in and have a quick nosey. The first thing I had to do was find it. Now I read all the Sherlock Holmes books when I was younger thanks to my great Uncle Derek. So off I went marching saying to Mr B ‘right its 222 we must find it it’s easy.’ We got there and it was a cafĂ©, something didn’t add up for me but I took a picture of Mr B in front of it anyway. Whilst taking the photo he pipes up ‘Simon I think it’s over the road’. I looked back and oh yes there was the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Mr B hilariously (the bugger) added ‘just because you live at 222 doesn’t mean that Sherlock Holmes did’. I had the last laugh however as I found out that he actually thought that Sherlock Holmes was real! Bloody Brazilians lol!

The Zoo was great, its much better than when I last went a few years ago. Easter Sunday may have been a slightly bad day to visit as we queued for about 40 minutes but once we were in there it seemed quite queue free (except for at lunch when the queues were so long I refused to eat anything and then got upset when I was hungry and had a small sulk) and we got to go round everything.

I loved the new enclosures. They have always had the part where you can go in into the eagles den and have them flying over your head. Now though they have a brilliant area where your free and open with the monkeys. It was brilliant having these creatures just jumping over your heads and running around.

I have to let you all know that you can actually be a Zoo Keeper for a day but I have forgotten the website address, but when I have looked it up will update you.

After the Zoo I had a real Bridget Jones moment. Mr B rowed me around the lake in the middle of Regents Park which was really romantic and also slightly worrying as I kept thinking I was going to fall in! I just cant relax can I? I always have to be in control, it was sweet and very relaxing watching the ducks and herons. I liked it a lot!

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