Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Marshalling & Marriage

Well today was my fire warden training day. I was expecting to be setting off extinguishers and getting locked in smoky rooms and trying to work out how to get out. It was a much more relaxed and slightly duller affair than I was expecting. I had G with me which is always good as she always keeps me entertained and engaged though by the end of the whole affair we were both flagging. We did get an awesome slap up lunch… I wanted to go to the Kylie exhibition but knew Mr B would kill me if I went without him.

Afterwards I braved Primark on Oxford Street and its ace. I bought loads of stuff and only spent £23! True it was packed (but not to the point of its opening thank god – I don’t like getting trampled) but then any Primark anywhere is normally full to the brim and a bit like a jumble sale. I got some amazing underwear – I am sure you all wanted to know that.

News of the day (though a fair few of you know) I have told my mother and family so can now officially tell you all that I am getting married! Yes, Mr B is making an honest man of me. I am very excited (more so since I have told the family) though its not going to be until the end of next year, but I would like to get it all sorted asap as would like to have the venue booked! I don’t know if there are any guides for gay men, as Mr Burston is getting hitched at some point to – I think he’s said that – I should ask him if we could co-write a guide together.

Right am off to flick through ‘You & Your Wedding!’

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