Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Dales & Chicken Gate

Friday 27th April 2007

It took nearly six hours (including a few loo stops and lunch) to get here but here I am. The Yorkshire Dales and even better Howarth the home of the Bronte’s. It is simply stunning (am thinking wedding venues) here and I am so happy to be away from London and in the countryside… fresh air, it’s a revelation.

So far we haven’t really done very much. We found the house, after we went to completely the wrong one, Mitch has come up with the goods. The house is stunning and sadly up for sale. Its one of those really long houses with a cellar and three stories its not got a creepy feeling to it which I am slightly disappointed with, but K is very pleased.

We went on a food shop for a Roast Chicken dinner, more of that later, and then ended up in The Black Bull where Branwell Bronte (the opium addict and alcoholic brother who am reading about) used to frequent and supposedly haunts. I didn’t get a spooky vibe in there either, it has been on Most Haunted though so Mitch and I found that quite exciting. We also had a look at the shops that we are going to spend some severe money in on Sunday!

We all ended up in the ‘good music’ pub as it has been named by K. I wouldn’t go quite that far as it was cheesy karaoke but it was a laugh. We then realised it was almost 9pm and we hadn’t put the chicken in the oven. Now you wouldn’t think an uncooked chicken could cause issues. However, K and Muffin are quite food orientated and they plan there days on food, a habit I feel I may catch. So Mitch and Muffin went off to sort it. I didn’t realise when I went round to give them my lighter that World War III had broken out. It appeared Muffin wasn’t happy with Mitch helping. I know Muffin, have for 22 years and can officially say it wasn’t the way it was intended. Muffin can be a bit anal, but she admits that, she also wanted to have contributed something solely to the whole weekend.

So it became ‘Chicken Gate’ I tried to take a photo of the whole event but was promptly told to ‘knob off’, but an hour later all was sorted. There is a lovely ‘paparazzi’ photo that I will try and upload on here of the two ladies in question. Dinner was gorgeous I hasten to add. Now we are off to play Twister, we are a little drunk, my teeth and testicle hurt though, hope I don’t do anymore damage to myself.

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