Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Couldnt Be Bloggered

May 31st 2007

Sorry that I haven’t done any blogging for quite some time. Part of it was the fact that I have been very busy, partly I have had some stuff going on and partly because shock horror – for a little while I haven’t really had the mind to do anything Blog or myspace based, but now the mood is back and ready to go.

So what have I been up to? Well I had my engagement party mark 1, we decided we will do another one later in the year as most of my family wanted to come and I know some friends I wanted there couldn’t make it for various reasons. It was however a wonderful affair with lots of people there who I really wanted to be and we got very drunk and had a great time.

I went to Brighton with Q which was a wicked night as we had a sea room view. We then went out and got more drunk than I think I have ever done in my life, Q leaving me with alcohol poisoning and some random man who he had tried to pull then lost interest in and I had to spend the night in a twin room with a complete stranger. Bizarrely we had a really good laugh and I have made a really good new friend. I mean anyone you can discuss Dulux colour of the sea i.e. ‘bluetack blue’, ‘crappy brown’ etc, and then end up talking about what time actually is and quantum physics after drinking for at least 8 hours is good in my book, he’s gonna let me show him the sights of London at some point. You can never have enough mates can you? The hangover the next day was pure hell!

I went to Paul Burston’s ‘Lovers & Losers Party’ which was really good, sadly I didn’t get to meet the fabulous Mr Burston as he was DJ-ing for a while and then some of my mates turned up and every time I was free he was chatting to people and every time I caught eye contact I was in a major conversation, so I felt a bit poop having to leave but I had alcohol poisoning from the day before and felt pants not having said a word, he looked like he had a fabulous time!

‘Wicked’ was wicked… Mr B took me for a treat for our anniversary. I have to say it is the best musical that I have seen in years. It was very strange being back at the Apollo Vic after so long, it was so different from when I worked there two years ago (shockingly some of the faces were still the same) but it brought back some fond memories. Pam Ann was also amazing when I saw her at Wimbledon Theatre and I wanted to watch her all night long – I loved it!

I’ve started therapy… I get to talk about myself for an hour every week without being judged, it’s great!

Sadly most recently one of my friends died. At 26 it doesn’t seem fair, what has been good (if anything good can come out of it) has been that I’ve been given the opportunity to look at my life and myself and feel grateful for everything I have. This didn’t quite work when I had a weekend of ex’s. That was hard seeing Mr O and then meeting Mr B’s ex was a little bit too much and I did have a low weekend but then this happened and it made me snap myself out of it.

Work wise everything is ok I guess. Kevin left today and I nearly cried. I was good though I didn’t quite ball my eyes out. It is really sad that he has gone, but we will stay friends and stay in touch so all is not lost, I am actually seeing him next week for Melanie C. I do have his replacement ready in the wings for Monday though!
So that’s an update from me over the last few weeks, how are you all? What’s news?

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