Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fashion Full of Attitude

June 7th 2007

Selfridges at 7pm wouldn’t strike you as being the busiest time in the men’s underwear section. Tonight however it was full… of gay men (well and my bisexual sidekick DW and some fag hags). And the reason for this multitude of people in the department store? Attitudes ‘Seasonal Swimwear & Underwear’ fashion show and launch party. It was great.

The store hadn’t been transformed much bar a neon pink catwalk that went through the underwear section and was aligned with us gay guys and our cocktails. The fashion show was a roaring success, with a couple of absolute stunners in there not very much wear. I enjoyed the whole thing. There was a fabulous goody bag that involved lots of free pants and Hugo Boss goodies, plus the next issue of Attitude. There was also an after party; you had to buy pants in order to go… I won’t say what I did to get a free ticket pass in and free drinks, but it wasn’t sexual, just slightly devious…

The biggest celeb spots of the evening were William Baker (you know Kylies stylist who is always in the press as her mystery man) and Lohit from The Apprentice but me and DW got trollied and had a brilliant night. Thanks men of Attitude, it was a great bash!

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