Saturday, June 23, 2007

Leicester... It's Just Random

Tuesday 19th June 2007

I have been quite excited in the lead up to my course in Leicester. I have been sent to learn all about Ergonomics and Spanners came with me. Now I haven’t been to Leicester before (despite my Dad living there) and strangely I don’t think that I will be heading back anytime soon. Especially not The Stage Best Western, if this place is anything to go buy we Brits are letting ourselves go having it as the most popular hotel chain in the UK.

The rooms weren’t next to each other as ordered and they definitely weren’t the Queen Suites we were promised… so I was a bit bad and told a porky kicked up a stink and they were changed. The air conditioning doesn’t work and my remote control is nowhere to be seen but we are now here.

I’m ready for bed actually which is a little sad as its not that late, but I want to be a good pupil and not turn up too drunken and disorderly. We have just had the most hilarious meal. The hotel restaurant has the very glamorous title of ‘The Fields’ and Spanners and I had decided we would treat ourselves to a nice meal. The restaurant was the weirdest most random one I have ever been in. It was more a big meeting room with a huddle of tables and chairs on a stage… that was the restaurant. We were then seated in the middle of everyone else under a really bright light like we were on the West End. We just kept laughing through the whole thing.

I don’t think I will be coming back!

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