Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Next Best Superstar

June 6th 2007

Melanie C owned the Mean Fiddler tonight in her first live gig in the UK in years. It was all part of the promotion for ‘Carolyna’ the second single to be lifted from the fourth studio album from the former Sporty Spice. It was also a chance for her to get to see her fans. And what an eclectic group of fans she has, there were the gays (me included) straight couples – the girlfriend was once a Spice fan, lots of lesbians, and some punky European people, it was a great receptive crowd.

She opened the show with fans favourite ‘Beautiful Intentions’ the title track of album three, and then new track ‘Understand’ everyone new the words to the new material which she sung plenty of, but undoubtedly it was old favourites that had everyone really letting lose. ‘I Turn To You’, ‘Never Be The Same Again’, ‘Next Best Superstar’, ‘Goin’ Down’ and ‘The First Day Of My Life’. Not a sign of ‘I Want Candy’ however which apparently she doesn’t like very much, and didn’t do too well.

Melanie is a fine singer and totally gets into her tracks and acts out the emotions of the ballads, and rocks out on the more upbeat numbers. This was a show not to be missed, we cant wait for the tour.

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