Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Mid Year Review

June 1st 2007

I cannot believe that it is now half way through the year. That is scary right? I mean when it hit New Years Eve I would not have thought that things that have happened would have happened. Back in January the year looked very exciting (not that it doesn’t now) and it was a blank canvas but I knew what I wanted out of the year, currently I cant decide if I have gotten more focused or if now mid year I am feeling more lost than ever! So I have decided to give myself a review in a weird kind of way!

It’s not been my best year but now bar my ridiculous self built paranoia I am more driven than I think I have been for months. I have a new manager, I am starting from scratch and I am determined to achieve and build on and improve from some big lessons I have learnt this year so far.

I am totally one hundred and fifty percent in love! It’s the best thing about the whole year so far. I am getting married next year and I am so thrilled I sometimes am left speechless! Love is definitely the highlight of the last six months.

This is a mixture. I am still doing my column in Bent Magazine and have done some lifestyle pieces for it. I will be doing some stuff for The Times Literary Supplement which is amazing and I want to pinch myself. Gay Times I need to work on but I have some ideas (that will also push to my beloved Bent Magazine) and I am researching more magazines and things to start working towards. Book wise – I am stuck, I haven’t gotten anywhere nearer to finishing my book than I was in January, bar the fact that I scrapped the old one and started again. I didn’t win the Writer in a Year Competition which was a bit gutting, but I have entered more and will keep doing so. It’s all peaks and troughs. Oh, I did start a Mills and Boon with Mitch.

I have managed to see all of my family and even some of them several times in the last six months and that IS a big deal. I don’t normally see them that often.

Probably the most negative thing of my year so far really! Its rubbish when you are waiting on results and having to miss work over the whole thing it’s a real pain… literally! The worst thing is not having the control over your own body. It’s been really getting to me.

I have definitely lost one friend and that has been a recent hard thing to face. I have to say I don’t see my friends as much as I used to but with Book Group and organising gatherings I have seen a lot of them and as my birthday and recent bash with Mr B showed I have great friends who can all get on with each other. I may have lost another which is gutting but I am not sure, I hope not. I’ve also made some new and wonderful friends… you know who you are!

Other stuff
I have done lots for charity this year. I helped make lots for Comic Relief in my workplace. In terms of GMFA I am now a fully fledged proper member and everything. I have done a new website and HIV campaign for them and it’s been really rewarding! I think that’s enough. I am trying to think of any extra’s… I can’t.

But still I am lost as to whether things are clearer or cloudier mid way through the year! Oh well.

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