Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sad Sorta Saturday

Well actually it’s not been sad for me, but I can imagine a lot of other people could read this and think ‘you sad bastard… that’s what you do with a Saturday’ but do I care, not a bit. So I hear you cry what have I been doing with myself? Well pottering really i.e. not a lot but it’s been lovely.

I woke up late which it being rare and happening for the first time in several weeks felt like complete bliss. I would have slept a lot longer as I have this shitty sore throat still; however Mr B was putting his fingers in my mouth, up my nose and in my ears in order to make me get out of my slumber. He then had that expectant look we all know in men and I got the giggles. Isn’t love THE BEST THING ever!?

We eventually got up, I am getting worse and worse at this in my old 25 years of age, I could lay and dose and cuddle all day, but our stomachs and empty cupboards told us we had to get up. Mr B was going to get some bread and milk when I had the genius (if I say so myself) idea of a greasy café for a full English. We found one on Tooting High Street called ‘Le Brunch’ you couldn’t get anything more East End London and less French if you tried but it was delicious and we watched the world going by.

I had finally gotten round to going through all 400 boxed books that I own and sorted some to ‘Read It Swap It’ on it’s a brilliant site, some for friends and some for charity. The latter we took to Oxfam and I proceeded to by half the amount I had taken in. I got all the Tales of the City series (I had them once but an ex took them), ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ as I love Philippa Gregory, and Witch Child a book no one would do me a swap for on the above site. We then pottered around Tooting. I was looking for Dusty Springfield’s greatest hits to no avail, Mr B joined the library, and then we summarised the house.

By summarised I don’t mean summed it up. I mean we bought needed summer stuff. We now have some lovely sunflowers on the window sills and a fantastic fan which Hoyden is currently splayed under cooling herself off. We also got some nice bright prints for the lounge and it looks so much nicer. It then decided to piss it down, typical huh?

Mr B has gone off to work and I have sat her doing new columns for Bent, going through old magazines which have articles I need for research, doing recycling and washing, and avoiding my latest book. I really want to read ‘Suite Francaise’ and have been wanting to for ages but I just can’t quite get into it! I hate that as it’s something I know I would love and I have book group in three weeks and have to get cracking.

Speaking of books, when I was in the library waiting for Mr B to get all his joining stuff done I checked the Gay & Lesbian section, its rubbish. They had some obvious ones like ‘In the Line of Beauty’ and some of the fabulous Mr Burston’s books (Oxfam also had two of his – I owned them already or I would have bought them) but the whole library had no ‘Middlesex’ or anything by Armistead Maupin. No Sarah Waters, no Patrick Gayle. I was appalled, I must see if Balham is better or Wandsworth will be receiving a strongly worded letter like the one I have sent to Best Western. God I am getting sad aren’t I?

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