Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Hill of a Rollercoaster

Tuesday 26th June 2007

Ok so the last few days have just been bizarre, one minute I am up the next I am down. One minute I am happy and bouncy and feeling like I have achieved something, the next I am crying in the Office Boardroom. Welcome to the latest London Attraction… the Savidge Rollercoaster (I now need to copy write that!) Yes the newest thrill and spill ride is residing in Tooting and is possibly going to break down, but don’t worry it’ll be fixed and everything will be groovy! Wow I must start using groovy again, what a great word.

So anyways, it has all been a bit mad. Sunday was interesting. Mr B was meant to be in charge of organising a special day out! I wanted to go local but he wanted town and as he was in charge I went along with it. That changed about 30 seconds after we got out of the tube, he wanted to go to Balan’s I wanted to get cinema tickets (I needed to be home by 6ish to do some freelance and some office work) so then we had a big row about what a control freak I am. I did remind him I couldn’t eat after 8 for my blood test the next day and then we had a row about where to have lunch. We had dim sum. Saw Shrek 3 was good but not as good as one and two!

Then I needed to eat so we did KFC (I am not food obsessed Dad this was a special day where the day was based on eating habits) then went to an ice cream parlour. It was then 6.30 so we decided sod it lets see Paradise Lost. It’s very gory, gorier than Hostel… or on a par! Mr B wasn’t impressed they made Brazilians out to be organ stealing tourist kidnapping freaks. I am now dubious about a month there next February lol!

I had blood tests on Monday after my collapse/faint/fit (well I wasn’t there really, I was unconscious – I haven’t a clue what happened) for Epilepsy, Anaemia, and Diabetes. I hate needles and I hate blood so I explained to the nurse that this might not be the best patient she was going to have all day. I was fine, until she shook the vile of blood and whoops fainted – I am getting so gay! I then just couldn’t shake my sad mood after, its like anytime you don’t feel alright I guess, you get a bit droopy and down and everyone at work made me feel quite a lot better, but with results day on Tuesday for me lumps I was just a bit low!

…The results? Not good. I’m still a bit shock up over the whole thing so I won’t write much. All I’ll say is that I will have to have another operation as there is a major problem. So when I got to work I had a good cry with G about it all. Now I feel a bit better, but then I have been out with Kaylord which helps. Won free tickets to see Natasha Bedingfield and it was really good, she can definitely sing. We also went for loads of Sushi which always cheers me up.

Oh major good news. I have been accepted on the author Susan Hill’s Creative Writing Course. I am thrilled! See it’s been real ups and downs! You can get off now, ride over for the day!

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