Friday, June 29, 2007

Because The Spice Is Right?

Thursday 28th June 2007

So after weeks of rumours and some serious denial from one of the members the Spice Girls have come back. Do you know what I am ecstatic! My mother is ashamed of me “at 25 Simon Savidge you should know better.” Well actually she should have known better! The people who text and emailed me saying “we bet your happy” know me much better.

You see the Spice Girls were a slight obsession when I was a teeny bopper. I didn’t really get into music until 1995 and so when they came on the scene I was hooked. Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Posh were everything a boy who was still half in the closet needed. Brash, bold, vibrant and FUN I was pulled to them like a magnet. I had (ok I still have in a box) the books, video’s, chubba chup tins and accessories, stickers, every single they released… basically everything.

I’m still a fan of the girls in there solo careers. Ok they haven’t had masses of success and maybe it isn’t deemed cool but it’s me. Only a few weeks ago I went and saw the delicious Melanie C in concert and it was one of the best gigs have been to in a while, and yes I routed for Emma in Strictly come dancing!

So now they are back. I have signed up for the tickets to the tour in London (I hope they add some more dates) and wait with bated breath for what happens next. Do I think they will be around for good? Erm, no. I’m not sure like Take That have, that they will win many new fans. The old fans will come back and so will there solo fans, and the pink pound will be invested in them I am sure, but I can’t see them having the innocence and carefree attitude they once had, or how there music would now fair in the charts. I mean what style would they go as purest pop seems to be dead; maybe they will be back as an electro elderly version of Girls Aloud?

But who cares what they are going to sound like? They are back and even if it’s a ‘one night stand’ it's going be one of my best!

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