Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Hungover Guide of Clapham

Good God, did I have a hangover this morning at 7am. Last night was my teams work outing and all I can say is I drank way, way, way too much. We started in some straight pubs in Soho, then had a fabulous meal in Balan’s, then another few drinks in some bar on the end of Old Compton Street (I was already wasted) then some of us went onto Trash Palace. It was in the latter that it all got really messy. Mr B joined us and we partied until 4am. I have not felt as ill as I did this morning at 7am when Hoyden woke me up for some cat food. I did then go back to bed until three in the afternoon and suddenly felt much better.

I think part of the reason that I got so wasted was that I went to the funeral yesterday morning for my mate and that was really hard going! You never really think you will be stood watching one of your best mates being buried at the age of twenty five. Lets not dwell on it though…

So Dulux came for a night in Clapham and I showed him the erm, sights. Well I showed him Kazbar, The Two Brewers and a restaurant. So that was a real treat for him wasn’t it! I think next time we will have another night out in Brighton. It was good though we had really random chats again about politics and the world and how the whole Saving the Planet is rubbish… his opinion not mine. I so need my bed right now! I have a massive walk to do tomorrow.

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