Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The NHS Needs A Specialist

I am in a fury at the moment. As you will all know (and be bored of) by now I have problems downstairs. I have had tests ultrasounds and a small op at St Georges in Tooting but for some crazy reason (mainly that I was hearing nothing from the hospital) I have now been redirected to Nelson Hospital in Surrey! Don’t even ask!

I went there today and the first question the guy asked was ‘so what is wrong then?’ I had to start from the beginning and I said I had had the tests, op, ultrasound and everything and the reply was ‘well that was at St Georges and we don’t share information’. Am I being weird when I think this is completely crazy! I mean it’s not MI5 it’s the NHS! Why on earth can they not get someone to fax all the details over, shouldn’t the whole NHS work together? It just means I am now back at square one with the whole thing which is making me feel quite deflated.

I am now at home after being prodded with needles (more blood tests), and some random mans fingers on my nether regions (used to be a common occurrence but now lacks fun in a hospital) and then having to go from Unit to Unit to get other things sorted. I am just fed up!

Bath, book, Big Brother and bed call I think, maybe not I that order!

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