Monday, June 18, 2007

Learning To Blade

17th June 2007

Drunkenly on Friday night I announced to Muffin and KF that I would learn to rollerblade so that I could join them on their new regime to rollerblade. The fact is I have no balance co-ordination and it took me ages to learn how to ride a bike. But new challenges are good for you and as Mr B knows I drunkenly told him that he had to teach me.

So Sunday morning arrived and we went on a rollerblade shop. (We met Muffin for Dim Sum first; she has had the fringe I told her to get and is looking fabulous!) I managed to get some blades for £12! I was really chuffed, and then the procrastination started. You see I love the idea of rollerblading but I want to be able to do things straight away, I mean why do I have to learn it, can I not be a natural like Torvil & Dean? The answer is abundantly no!

We went to Kensington Gardens and I managed to do a walk through the park saying my ankle was hurting again after I did something weird on the walk for life. Mr B was having none of it. Then I said I wanted to dip my toes in the Diana Memorial Fountain and didn’t want to rollerblade till after that, Mr B started to look a bit dubious. After a dip that lasted 30 minutes Mr B had had enough. I pulled out my final weapon… a Frisbee.

So next was a Frisbee tournament that Mr B was quite half hearted about and so I gave in. We found somewhere that had poles and then on the rollerblades came. I was shocked at the fact I could stand up on them let alone actually blade of some variety. Mr B said I was actually quite speedy for the whole 30 minutes that I actually did it.

The problem came when Mr B had left me to speed on and get me some water and the poles stopped. I decided to be really daring and race to the poles a bit along from where I was. I lasted about ten seconds before I completely lost my balance and landed really hard on my arse and had a small tantrum. I am quite impatient with some things. Mr B came back and was a bit shocked at what he saw. I was sat in the middle of the road with my socks on. One rollerblade was in the sand where the horses ride the other was in a bush… yes it was a proper tantrum.

I am looking forward to doing it again next weekend… sort of!

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