Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wales, Wine & Wonderful Weather

June 3rd 2007

I have just come back from a fabulous weekend away. I haven’t had such a good weekend away in a really long time. I took Mr B up to my Mum’s for the weekend (they had already met) so he could meet my step dad and younger little siblings. It was also a chance to get a long weekend away from London and have some time to just let myself relax and show Mr B exactly what the middle of nowhere in England is really like.

We left on Friday morning (Mr B had to beg me to take the day off) and arrived just after lunch to absolutely beautiful sun. Seth (Mr B can’t say his name which is very cute) and Mum met us and drove us the miles into the middle of nowhere and to their house and pub they are doing up. Mr B was impressed with the area he said it was stunning. We went to the local shop – the woman there was your typical village busy body, she would be the archetypal Miss Marple as the village is just like a Miss Marple village.

In the afternoon we went to the gorgeous Bridge North which is absolutely stunning but has no real wedding venues, and I took the kids on the Funicular Railway. I have to say it was bloody scary; it’s from the Victorian times and does look like it would just fall without a thought. Mr B went to the Catholic Church and then we saw what has to be the most random ruined castle ever. Bridge North’s ruin literally leans at 80 degrees. We went home not long after and Mr B played football with Miriam and Seth for a few hours before dinner.

Powis Castle was our destination on Saturday. Mr B had never seen a proper castle and had never been to Wales so Mum had had the lovely idea of taking us there. It was absolutely stunning, and I saw my first ever snake in the British Isles. We were doing a tour of the gardens and looking for things on the kid’s questionnaire and Mum said ‘looks like a dead snake there’. We went and had a look and it slithered/swam under the water and was gone, it was an Adder. I have never seen one before. The castle was fabulous and I don’t think that I have ever seen such a grand place. I like Wales I have decided.

We went for a walk led by my sister today and then had all you can eat curry at my families favourite curry house. It was then time to go home, Mum cried and I felt like I couldn’t wait to come back, now that is a breakthrough.

P.S My Mum has now got her own library. It much better read than mine, well she has actually read all hers, and its much more varied, I am so jealous – when can I become a housewife?

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