Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Quiet Half of the Week

June 4th 2007

It has been a very quiet start to the week this week. I am lying in bed and lying in wait for the week to kick off as of tomorrow evening. I have Melanie C tomorrow night, a fashion show on Thursday and the team outing on Friday. The weekend should be fairly busy as I have my new friend from Brighton coming to see Clapham’s delights and then it’s the Walk for Life on Sunday oh yes… www.walkforlife.co.uk/simonsavidge please, please sponsor me I’m doing it with GMFA so it’s a great cause, get donating! That’s my begging done.

Yesterday I was knackered by the time the day was out, I had my new assistant start and some new people on the team and it was all a bit exhausting. I came home and slept as was in work at 7.15am this morning so wanted some nice sleep. Tonight I will be watching The Apprentice repeat as missed it last week (god I hate Katie – Christina must win) and then be glued to Big Brother. Then I think carry on reading the book I cannot put down ‘The Book of Lost Things’ after a nice long bath.

Right I am off for some self indulgence.

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