Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Walking For My Life

June 10th 2007

I am shattered! I am sat in bed (Mr B is fast asleep) and it’s only 8pm. We are both shattered after doing the Walk for Life in aid of Crusaid. It’s a 12k walk around central London taking in the sights and today the sun (I currently have a nose similar to Rudolph the Reindeer – not my best look). I signed up as part of my charity team fro GMFA! We got there nice and early and took in all the sun we could, me forgetting to apply suntan lotion to my face like an idiot.

The team lasted until the start when we broke into two groups and then suddenly me and Mr B were walking on our own. I have to say I didn’t find it strenuous, unlike Mr B who mentioned that he was tired before we had done 1k. We held hands throughout the whole of the walk and that had something very romantic about it. By the end though we were both really sweaty and hot! I then had to do a Simon and have some small drama when I tripped and have now pulled two ligaments in my bloody foot!

I hobbled from the Ambulance tent, and went and sat with a massive baguette filled with sausages and bacon. We watched some singer from Soul II Soul and then the fabulous cast of Wicked performed and then came George Michael… Mr B swears that it was I was not convinced. I then heard ‘calling Simon Savidge, calling Simon Savidge’, it was Biran who I haven’t seen for ages. It was really nice we had a catch up and I am gonna try and go to her birthday on Saturday.

I managed one drink in Profile for the after party. My sunburn hobbling self had to be taken home buy Mr B and order a curry! It was all too much but the good thing is I have raised some cash. I can raise more though so… www.walkforlife.co.uk/simonsavidge and please feel free to make more donations! I am off to get my foot massaged better, after I have used it to kick Mr B awake so he can do the duty!

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