Friday, February 23, 2007

Two Books in One Day

Sadly not two new books written by me, I have done zilch writing today.

I have been making the most of a Friday away from work buy doing some research. I have banged on before about how in order to write well you must read well and read well I have. First was ‘The Undomestic Goddess’ by Sophie Kinsella which I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy. Strangely I really liked it, am I now a chick-lit convert?

In truth I have read a few chick lit books in my time. I think Bridget Jones is a great book, ‘Pride & Prejudice’ was the chick lit of its time and everyone knows how much I like Lisa Jewell. ‘The Undomestic Goddess’ was a good book I actually liked all the characters and read it in a speedy three and a half hours. So that was my first bit of research for ‘Miss Write’ please someone remind me to put the link on here for anyone who actually wants to enter.

Second book, which I have literally just finished, was the first of ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. I am interested in seeing what kids like reading these days for ‘The Miriam Perry Chronicles’. I’m not sure what I thought about it is apparently really popular with kids so I thought would give it a go. More research done, more to put on my PDP (Personal Development Plan).

Other than that today has been quite sedate. I half watched ‘Romance & Cigarettes’, but really need to watch that and not be doing research on the internet and only paying slight attention. In have been sorting out my files and all the magazine bits have ripped out over the last year or so ‘of interest’ and actually following them up with files like ‘Thing To Look Into’, ‘Columnists’ and ‘Writers’. The latter actually had a real find in it. It’s about Judith O’Reilly who has a blog about her reluctant move to the north. She writes brilliantly (I left a short message) and has gotten a book deal out of it which I think is wonderful for her, everyone should check it out.

The penicillin is still making me feel really sick which is horrid. That’s why have chosen to curl under the duvet and religiously read rather than write myself (which I will have you know is quite draining) between running for the loo to throw up – the wonders of modern medicine.

My lover however is bringing me more ‘Lobster Spaghetti’ from Carpaccio’s where he works. It makes me feel quite nice that I can eat Geri Halliwell’s favourite dinner, for free, and from the comfort of my own bed with my own personal waiter. The NHS has got nursing so wrong.

Oh and have done a new page on my website it’s a question and answers page, but if anyone can think of more questions or simply more ideas on what layout or what info I should have on there do let me know!

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