Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's All A Bit Carrie Bradshaw

If you are a mad ‘Sex and the City’ fan then you will know what I am about to start harping on about. If you aren’t then you might want to skip this blog as it’s a bit of a rant… but do stay a while, read on, you might like it. (Oh shut up Simon and get on with it!)

There’s one episode where she suddenly has her laptop die on her and has she backed up? Has she hell. Do the IT people go on at her like there is no tomorrow, of course they do. I am in that predicament. The IT lads think I am stupid as hell as I have never backed up in my life and has it not been for one IT genius all my data would have been lost. As it is I have 60% of it, most of my writing is lost. I am gutted, but I am also a fool and have now repented my sins and bought a ‘discgo’ which is a nifty little device that stores 1GB of your stuff and you can have it on a key ring! Genius.

The other Carrie Bradshaw episode is that one where everyone has fluey symptoms on the same day – all special occasions. That was me on Valentine’s. Yes sad to say Simon was sufficiently sick. I wouldn’t have been up to much anyways as Mr B was working, as it was he was Florence Nightingale for a while before college. I did get some chocolates (Brazil versions of Nestle classics with fabulous names such as Seducao, Prestigio, Chandelle and Charge!!!) Their Milkybar’s are fucking weird the Milkybar kid is blue – that’s just wrong!

So Valentines and Christmas have both been anti-climaxes. Oh apart from the new laptop I got on Valentines that is. Yes a Mr Big of my very own helped me out of a tight situation and now I am good to go – sold my own one this morning, its been sent to be fixed! I am just preying that the 24th of March isn’t one huge wash out… in case you didn’t know, that’s my birthday!

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