Monday, February 12, 2007

Snow Where To Go

9th Feb 2007

Well it’s been a right old trauma having to get home to the delight that is Matlock. Yes I have bitten the bullet (a half joke) and come up to Derbyshire to spend time with my delightful grandparents. It couldn’t be a simple journey though could it… course not!

I had just bought the bloody £66 tickets when I had a voicemail “Simon its Bong, I am very concerned that its snowing up here heavily and I won’t be able to drive to chesterfield to get you. Can you call me back?” Now it wasn’t snowing in London and I know they can be ever so slightly dramatic (where do I get it from?) sometimes so I thought ‘oh piffle’ phoned up and said I would phone them from Leicester and see what happened. Three hours later at Leicester there was a sprinkling of icing like snow and ‘no you must get off at Derby and get a train to Matlock’. So I did… cursing them both.

Yes, Derby was quite snowy, and yes they started cancelling all trains to Nottingham. For my whole forty-five minute wait I was thinking ‘shit if express trains can’t get to Nottingham I am really screwed with the pathetic effort that commutes from Matlock to Derby’ but I was to be impressed it turned up. Sadly my elation was short lived. Gran phones on her mobile ‘Bong will walk down and get you!’ Now if you know Matlock you will know it’s built on a valley, a tall steep valley. As the train arrived the snow was 4 inches deep and I was in such a mard! I wanted to escape my escape from London and head right back. I remained dignified however and did the forty minute slip to there house on the top of the f**king hill! Aren’t I a good boy?

I was rewarded however with a slap up meal. Salmon to start and roast for mains it was lovely! Now it’s to bed, we’ve just had some excitement actually. A blackout and BLUE lightening… yes BLUE! Bong thought it was Armageddon. Silly sod!

Oh and Bong is my Granddad – I couldn’t say Grandpa when I was a child – so sue me!

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