Monday, February 12, 2007

University Cheating

Ok it’s not all going well so far this week. I feel like death warmed up, my computer isn’t working and even the IT geeks at work can’t seem to save my old work/pictures/porn/writing. I am close to having some sort of mental breakdown. Thank god for Miss Polly Littlewood and her pizzas.

I am not writing much tonight as I really need an early one to ensure that this bloody cold buggers off. Suffice to say I had fun with the old Polly, after 21 years of friendship if we hadn’t of there would have been a problem, and her pizza’s were as usual divine.

Funny moment of the night, after watching the freak show that was Junior Mastermind (and the little shit that won – arrogant sod) put University Challenge on Sky in the lounge. Polly was unaware I could hear the show a few seconds earlier as Dale was watching it whilst cooking in the kitchen. You know how terrestrial is always slightly ahead of digital. So it came to a picture round of ‘cats named after countries’ I was getting them alright, and Polly was looking shocked especially when I said ‘oh that one is easy… Norwegian Red Wood’ then the bugger heard the answer to the next one ‘Burmese Blue’ and bloody scuppered me. Oh how we laughed, and we hadn’t even had anything to drink.

Now to bed, I am exhausted and feel the energy in me draining away.

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