Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm A Good Boss... I Think!

8th Feb 2007

It shows you are a good boss when you have on of your ex members of staff want to meet up with you, and tonight that’s just what happened with me. I hadn’t seen Naoma since she left my workplace last year but it was like we had seen each other yesterday and it was fabulous. Naturally the old Simon is a racist and Naoma is a homophobe jokes came out and people were looking a little shocked in Wagamama in Angel, did we care… did we bollocks. I admit I might be quite drunk.

We spent most of the evening in a gay bar I never knew existed called The Green and its really nice, the food they do looks delicious. She’s still in TV and I am in writing so we are a right pair of media bitches sat having a good old gossip about ‘him of telly’ and ‘her who writes’ it was fantastic. She’s just done Car Booty which I am most envious of… I know the winners but can’t tell you, it’s a Comic Relief surprise!

I did have to drag her into my Mecca that is Waterstones. I wanted to get my Gran and my mother (no still not heard a word) a copy of ‘The Night Watch’ each by Sarah Waters as they both like her and it was half price… so books, food, great company and drinks, what more could I ask for?

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