Monday, February 19, 2007

The Gland Scheme of Things

I haven’t written all weekend as you will have seen. I have been sooooooooo ill! I have had fevers before but this weekend was surreal. I looked like I had been in the sun for four hours on Saturday night and was so hot you could feel it radiating off my skin, then I would sweat and go completely freezing.

Left work early and sent myself to the doctors and they think I may have glandular fever ‘the kissing disease’. I have had it before and it’s no picnic I promise you. I thought that you only got it in your early twenties and teens, and as I had it before I couldn’t get it again. Wrong! Oh well, blood has been taken and we will see.

So really I can’t add more, I’m shattered and can feel a flush coming. So I think I ought to head off to bed.

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