Monday, February 12, 2007

The Observations

It’s been a lovely day today, really nice. I have fitted quite a lot in. Firstly had to go and feed some cats with Bong. It’s for this woman who has been having an affair with a colleague of his for about 20 years or more, I don’t understand how that works personally, but hey ho, he’s an architect and the house is amazing! Not that I had a snoop around the place or a tour from my badly behaving elder!

Then it was off to Cromford Mill which was… interesting. Stunning with all the snow, but it hasn’t much in it for my shopping addiction. What did however is a shop that I loathed as a child but now love as an adult (though I now see I really am turning into my Mum – still no word – and my Gran) Scarthin Books. It’s one of those bookshops you see in Harry Potter movies, really old and higgledy piggledy shop with secret rooms behind the bookshelves and all that jazz! I was very good and only bought two books ‘Mrs De Winter’ by Susan White and ‘The Observations’ by Jane Harris. One old and one new, I like to do my bit for independent bookshops – I want one eventually, so its karma.

It was back for some lovely cheese and pickle sandwiches with the papers and off to my auntie Cazzie’s to see her and the kids. Then back to Cromford for dinner at my old babysitters (from when I was three) in their converted Chapel. Merren made an amazing Chestnut Soup it was amazing! Now am going to tuck myself into bed with ‘The Observations’ it sounds like a right old gothic romp!

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