Monday, February 12, 2007

A First Class Day

Sunday 11th of February

Normally after some time away I get the blues (you’ll have seen this in Blogs previously) but today hasn’t been so bad. I got up early thanks to the start of a cold which I am hoping will bugger of tout suite. Soon it was off for a walk in the delightful waterfalls that are juts down the road from my grandparents, and the inspiration for one of my books ‘Wishingstone Way’. Naturally my trusty camera was with me so I now have lots of pictures for the inspiration I have been so badly in need of. My Gran couldn’t come as she had a much worse cold than me, so Bong and I went off in search of adventure in the snow. We didn’t find any adventure but we did have a good old natter.

Lunch came and went (as did several Meringues) and then it was home time. Well time to catch the train anyways. Now what I hate about bloody trains is no matter how much people tell you that it’s a busy service and you will have no trouble getting a seat you always sodding do. So not giving two hoots after one stop I decided to embrace the Agatha Raisin in me and just sit in First Class. No one came and checked and I had a journey with leg space, comfort and no noisy buggers. I naturally then decided I would do all my notes on the weekend on my laptop… it’s broken.

You know me, when I get in a mood a) I can sense it coming (and then ignore it and let it happen) and b) I just can’t shift that ‘arsey’ feeling for quite a while. I was good today, I simply went and bought a small bottle of wine, some chocolate and got deeply engrossed in ‘The Observations’ by Jane Harris.

Alex was late at the station, again mood avoided, I just sent him a text saying ‘your bloody late I am in WHSmiths in Kings Cross, hurry up or you won’t see me ever again.’ See mood avoided.

Tonight in an attempt to make this cold bug sweat itself out of my body we went to one of the (many) Indians down my road in Tooting. It’s one of those places that is always full and that makes me think that the food must be good. I can tell you it’s fabulous. ‘Sree Krishna’ is a South Indian restaurant and I had ‘Masala Vadai’ and ‘Chicken Chettinadu Korma’ it was bloody gorgeous. The staff there are lovely, we had 10% taken off as one of the dishes arrived late and I can promise you that if I know you and you are coming round for a curry this is where we will be going! Alex thought it was too hot, tut, these Brazilians.

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