Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time for a Gay Change

No not me, I am still looking as ill as I feel. Mind you today am feeling slightly better than yesterday. However you can tell I am not right due to the fact that ‘Dancing on Ice’ reduced me to an emotional wreck… I don’t think it was the dancing; I just seem to be slightly unbalanced thanks to Erythromycin, try saying that after you have had four of them!

I did however venture further out of my flat. I made it two stops on the tube to Balham where I was taken for lunch which was nice. Good old full English at midday can make you feel a million times better. Had a short potter around the shops and bought flap all (see I AM sick) except for the new Gay Times (now known as GT) I thought it was a new magazine.

I have to say when I finally got my hands on it (Alex snatched it from me) I actually read it. Normally I would read a few bits and then ignore the rest. It seems a lot edgier and younger (or I am getting older and fitting into its readership better) and I have decided to bite the bullet and email the editor with a new idea I have had for a column. Will fill you in further on that if it kicks off at some point, and I don’t want people nicking my idea ha.

I have set fire to my kitchen this evening like a tit. It shows that you really should read the prescription notes (including ‘do not operate some machinery – well my oven is a fire machine) and not treat yourself to Crème Brule that needs grilling, cheers Sainsbury’s. My grill decided to set fire… I had set it to 200 degrees so it might possibly have been my fault. Now my flat smells of fat and smoke – delicious.

Oh need to mention some people. Helen thanks for your email really cheered me up – and look I have shoved you in my blog you bloody forceful cow! Ha ha! Also Declan Bennett cheers for your lovely comment on myspace, add him people add him! Right I am in need of an aerosol spray round my flat – I simply cannot bear this stench anymore. Did the previous tenants cook bodies in there or something! Ooh, another idea for a book to add to the four I have in my head – bugger!

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