Monday, February 26, 2007

The Cheesecake Eating Model

Yes folks that’ll be me, as on Wednesday and Thursday I will be doing some modelling. Fortunately for all of you no I am not the next CK Underpants model. No one wants to see that much of me, not even my mirror ha! I am doing it for the charity I volunteer for GMFA! I am quite excited. I haven’t been a model before… well bar when I was going to be the face of Fluid Magazine (when I worked for them) and then it went bust! I am sure they did that on purpose the bastards.

Someone stupid said today ‘will it not bother you if they put one of those ‘I have HIV’ bubbles above your head? After stopping myself from hitting them and picking my jaw up off the floor, I looked them dead in the eye and said ‘no why should it?’ I don’t have HIV but modelling for a charity that helps fight that awful disease is only doing good. So what if I do have the ‘bubble’ above my head, I know I am not HIV and even if I was I would know not one of my friends would judge me. I mean have we not moved on as people, is there still this much prejudice? The answer is obviously yes, and also who is going to recognise me from a website and a few adverts in Boyz?

So anyway in an aim to look my best I decided to go to Sainsbury’s and buy ‘healthy vegetable based foods’. That was until I got to the puddings section. Having not had the best day at work i needed some uplifting and when I saw the fresh Strawberry Cheesecake I went into a trance. Yes I must buy it, yes; it must go in my basket now. I haven’t eaten any yet am already feeling guilty just from looking at it! Oh sod it I’ll have a slice.

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