Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What A Wake Up Call!!!!!!!!

This morning was one of the rudest wake up calls I think I have ever received, and one of the most bizarre and dramatic. All I heard at 8.30am was a loud massive banging on the door and then ‘police’ now that is not the sort of wake up call that you expect of a morning.

Naturally there was then a mammoth scramble out of bed by myself and Mr B. We let them in and were shown a warrant to search the premises and one of the badges. As Mr B said afterwards ‘it was like being on The Bill’. Basically they were searching the premises for some reason (we weren’t allowed to be told) but once they had seen our passports got our full names, dates of birth and had a cup of tea they then left us to be sat very dazed and confused. What a mystery.

Have just got in from a night out with G. We had a lovely coffee, great Chinese, great chat and some lovely wine, so from bizarre to divine in one day, how random.

Oh and I got the promo for the new Goldfrapp album... its amazing!

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