Friday, January 04, 2008

The Rehearsals

It’s been a week of rehearsals for the panto which is interesting as we go on stage next week. It had been planned that some of the chorus would all meet up for some vocal and dance rehearsals this week anyway. It bugged me that we got a days warning before a week of our social lives going, maybe we aren’t meant to have any. Anyways is all fine as we have done them every night and the show is sort of taking shape.

It is interesting rehearing for a fringe item, we do it where we can when we can… hang on isn’t that the story of my personal life? Oh no, course its not, hem, hem. So far we have been in Transport for London and National Aids Trusts head offices which have been unusual, least there was free tea and coffee. The spaces were very small which wasn’t great and the chorus are still bundled off (like we don’t count) maybe I am just being a bit mardy lol.

You can tell tempers are getting frayed. Tonight SS2 got very annoyed that we had changed a few bits and bobs, when the directors not there what are you meant to do? We also learnt a new dance routine (some of it is not great if am honest) and that was hilarious. Calculated chaos we will call it. In fact that’s what the whole rehearsal schedule should have been called, is fun though.

Last night nearly pissed my pants. We had to do the whole rehearsal in character and take it really seriously. So the chorus all got called Bob… no comment. We also weren’t allowed to talk if we weren’t on stage (well in the boardroom). So naturally we all did and got a bollocking by Mr Am-Dram himself. So Jezza kicked off ‘I have worked with Judi Dench and we chatted as much as we liked’ good god I think Jezza is hilarious and he only said what we were all thinking!

So tomorrow we are in some Church Hall, gays in a Church Hall, someone won’t be impressed! It’ll be the full run through, hoorah, bugger is only 4 days to go, and I still don’t know when I walk on stage at all.

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