Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lust, Caution

I have to say I now have a new favourite cinema. The Curzon in Soho… well on Shaftsbury Avenue, and I don’t just love it because it was free. I have been in the café lots of times as one of Mr B’s best mates runs the bar and we get nice treats and bits on the odd occasion (that sounds better than all the time) they do the most amazing Sausage Rolls! Really you should try them they are something else.

No it’s the whole place, it’s not the most expensive cinema, it’s not the cheapest either, it is just so relaxed. No rushing to get your popcorn, or organic coated raisins that they sell. No mad dashes for seats and you aren’t told you have to sit anywhere. There is a feel of real love for all things film, even the toilet walls are posters from random films both modern and classic… and random, not like in Odeon where it’s a constant advert. There is also loads of room in your seats, a fabulous bar and lounge and its just great, does that deserve me a free lifetime pass?

The movie I had blagged/begged tickets for was Ang Lee’s new film Lust Caution (which should actually be Lust, Caution) and it’s brilliant. Yes there is lots of sex in it but it should be there as it helps tell the relationship story more in depth. Its not there just to shock its there to tell the story. The film is stunning and considering I don’t like (or thought I didn’t) foreign films, which is very narrow minded of me, I really enjoyed and got involved in the film and the characters. Great, great movie, rush out and see it.

Other than watching that gem, I had a lovely lunch with Big Sis and it was book group this evening at La Tasca in Covent Garden, we have now decided that we have to eat somewhere either the writer is from or the book is based, we have been reading ‘Winter in Madrid’. The food was great but the waiter was a complete freak and I am still bloody deaf from sodding panto so couldn’t keep up with the conversation, which as you can imagine greatly vexed me. I have chosen next months and it’s ‘On Chesil Beach’ by Ian McEwan so I now have to think of somewhere ‘English’ to go.

Oh the bloody BT hub was left on the street all last night that’s why I couldn’t find the bloody thing took me several hours to get to the bottom of that! Who leaves a sodding expensive thing like that on the street, I have lodged a complaint, I swear I am getting old aged. Anyways it should be working tomorrow, it better bloody had be am sick of spending so much money on the rip off internet cafe.

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