Sunday, February 03, 2008


It’s been a big week for reunions this week. Yesterday saw me catching up with Miss Curtis after a ridiculous 9 months. We met up in town yesterday and it was like we had never been apart and ended up in some very funny (well we thought they were funny) photos of us both being crazy Britney’s.

After seeing Miss Curtis I then was reunited with some old Milkround people at the delight that is Chancery Lane Station, it seemed really, really odd being back there and seeing people and knowing that I am not a part of their daily work routine, the lucky buggers. I was meeting Muffintop as we were off to see Aviv Geffin at Shepherds Bush Hall. I have never been there but it’s a really nice venue. Its well away from everywhere else in Shepard’s Bush, we actually went to the wrong three venues first.

It looks like a house from the outside but once you are in it’s like a massive old ballroom. Aviv was brilliant he sounds a mix of Stereophonics , Placebo, Robbie and Maroon 5 which sounds odd but its brilliant. He is in exile from his country of origin Israel for the political views he has on Israel’s freedom and the fact he was there when the president was shot, a president whose views he backs 100%. The music is brilliant and you should really check him out.

Randomly I was reunited with one of the PR guys I deal with at Bent. He sorted all of Afrika, Afrika out for me and has now promised me he will get me seats near Madonna when she goes. We went to the party after where I met the fabulous Leisa and Kate. Randomly Aviv is managed by the same people as Atomic Kitten who I was a huge fan of in my ‘gay youth’. So now I have wangled some tickets to their reunion gig on Saturday.

Today has been a lovely reunion with Mr Moon who I used to go out with 8 years ago. It had been so long that until he reminded me why we had split up; the memory is going in my old age. We had a really nice meal in Balan’s a very long and drunken reunion all in all. So as you can see the whole week has been full of reunions. Oh bar one which has been cancelled, no Panto reunion tomorrow sadly.

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