Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Did I Say There Could Be No More Drama?

Ok, so the show was going amazingly tonight, seriously we all knew our parts, danced the right way, sang beautifully, it was going great. Until the chase scene before the interval, then everything went wrong, and an ambulance was called.

The chase scene in the laundry has been an ongoing issue. There hasn’t been the time to rehearse it much and we’ve had bashed heads and trips before when they have given it a go. Tonight Widow Twanki tripped into the basket and ripped his knee out, vile and I imagine bloody painful. I didn’t know he had had a heart attack when he was 30.

We were all sat nattering in the dressing room and he was carried in dress and all, wig followed and the place went a bit mad. An ambulance was called, I tried to undress the dame and we just all went a bit crazy. Then we all got the hysterics. Then we went very solemn. Then Mr Am Dram took charge as usual, he’s been pissing me and D off so much, he’s lovely but he just suddenly takes control. People were discussing who would do the role, and who would do that persons role. I went and sat with the dame instead. The ambulance arrived and he was off, we then told the audience. I was glad I told my mates not to come; still I was home by 9.30pm.

Will the show go on? Watch this space…

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