Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Nude 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it’s a New Year! And I am feeling older and more hungover than I think I did last year, but then I say that every single year!

Last night was a brilliant night out, we ate some truly brilliant food, sadly the waiters were twatted which was a bit pants. I know I shouldn’t be such an old woman and complain but they are getting paid double or treble what they normally would be to provide a service and most of them were screaming all night and running around, normally in Balan’s I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. I do love that restaurant.

The low point of the evening was when some very, very drunk and very, very bad drag queen came over and started to hit on all the men, some of them looking very sick and/or uncomfortable, believe me she wasn’t pretty. She then also divulged her sex life (which was even unprettier) and her drug habit (unprettier still) so maybe Mr Balan’s would like to not let that happen next year? It was then onto GAY Late where I used my Press Pass to get into somewhere for the first ever time. That’s good going that is! I might use it a bit more in 2008. We’ll see.

So have I made any New Years Resolutions? Well I looked at last years and let’s see how many I kept shall we?

1. To be more frugal – NO CHANCE2. To love myself and respect myself a bit more – DIDN’T REALLY HAPPEN3. To write my novel – HA!4. To bullshit less – MID YEAR NO, NOW ALL GONE5. To see more of my family and friends – SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT
6. To rid myself of dramatic so called 'friends' - KINDA7. To make more friends – YES, YES, YES!!!!8. To have one big f**k off holiday – AS IF9. To push myself harder and further in work and personal life – YES! 10. To see the good in people and be a bit less of a bitch - SLIGHTLY11. To keep my resolutions! – NOPE!

So after that funnily enough I am making only TWO this year!

1. Say ‘yes’ a lot more than I say no, be open to things I wouldn’t normally do.
2. Live life to the full.

They have been learnt from 2007!

…And so now to my pit of hangover and despair and laziness, take-away and sleep.
Happy New Year Everyone! Make 2008 the best year ever!

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