Friday, January 18, 2008

Afrika! Afrika!

Last night I was at my first premiere event and it was a bloody brilliant night. I am not going to d o a major review on here as I am doing that for a later edition of Bent so you can bloody well go out and get the fabulous mag.

I took Spanielle which was really nice as we didn’t get to have a good catch up when she came to see me in Panto. We had a lovely meal at Pizza Express in the O2, I seem to live there at the moment and a really good catch up on everything before heading down my very first red carpet… sorry but I am finding this all very exciting.

The show is not in the actual O2 Arena itself but in some huge funking tents on one side of the O2 so you go in and out of the actual Dome if that makes sense. We went in and shoved the stuff in the cloakroom before making our way swiftly to the VIP tent. No one took any photos of us on the red carpet. Yet they did for Vanessa Feltz, a Sienna Miller look-alike who seemed very sweet and yet I had no clue who she was, Samanda, Chantelle (who now looks like Jordan), Nancy what-a-face and Kate Middleton. I also saw someone I swore I worked at the Millennium Dome and who I wanted to say hello to but had vanished by then.

I had been privileged to see a few choice highlights on Tuesday when I had been at the press conference. We went in and any seat you get you can see the whole show, I had better seats than some of the celebrities which made me happy on the inside. The delights you will see are the man who can hold litres of water and spray them like a human fountain, a woman who can literally slither under and over herself like a snake, amazing dancing, and unicycle basketball. Seriously it is over 2 hours of amazing stuff; check my review in March or April’s edition.

We ate a lot of free food, particularly the white chocolate fountain and strawberries and then drank too much, I remember saying to DC2 that I would stay and take some photos with various people, then I was then suddenly on the tube very, very drunk and then laughing at a man weeing on London Bridge Jubilee Line platform and saying very loudly he had ‘a little willy.’ And I wonder why I have such a headache today!?

Go see Afrika, Afrika… its amazing I promise you that you will be left with a dropped jaw and it’s worth every penny.

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