Friday, January 25, 2008

Irate With Emirates

Ok mind my language but I am fucking livid at the moment. This won’t be a long blog as I am too upset. I was meant to be going to Australia on the 10th of February and was really looking forward to the whole thing, had organised time off and so had Mr B. Now when you read the below please bear in mind that this trip was meant to be a first prize from Emirates.

I had a strange call from Emirates last week saying that there had been some problem and that everything was fine, now I found that odd, if there had been a problem and it was resolved without telling me why should I care? They also said someone would phone me on Monday as a courtesy call. No one did so by 5pm I phoned them.

‘Oh Mr Savidge, we were going to phone you, its very embarrassing but there was a problem with the computer system and we have sold your tickets’. I was majorly pissed off. They then promised it would be sorted for the next day to fly (since when did first class ever sell out – you can buy the tickets today online a fact I have mentioned, they are mystified) and they would call back. End of yesterday still not heard a word.

Spoke to them today. They can do the 20th or the 10th of March. Is there not something wrong with that? It’s a competition the planes aren’t sold out. I was then offered economy, to which I said ‘ok… then as it’s a prize can I have the cash difference?’ They changed tack then and said they would get back to me, they haven’t. Livid!

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