Monday, January 14, 2008

So It’s All Over/The Withdrawal

Well it came and it went, the hurricane called Panto has now vanished from my life. I couldn’t write this weekend as was two shows Saturday and a whole lot of sleeping on Sunday.

Friday night’s performance was good. The audience were really quiet though. I mean they laughed in the right places and got involved but it was very ‘British’ by that I mean a little reserved. We didn’t go out after though quite a few of us were in the mood. It isn’t the biggest theatre or anything but when you have finished the show you are on a bit of a high and the urge to go out is quite strong.

Saturday’s shows were both BRILLIANT! We had quite a lot of children in the audience so that really made the whole thing go. Panto is for kids really after all, and the kids in us I guess. The feedback we’ve had since Thursday is great. Saturday evening was just fantastic and by the end of it we didn’t want to come off the stage, I got a shout out for G congratulating her on her wedding! She wasn’t best pleased she’s trying to keep it a secret.

We had some after show drinks in the bar downstairs, there was a row which was hilarious, and I think it had been building up. Me and D decided it was time to get very, very drunk. It didn’t work. We were shortly dragged upstairs to dismantle the set and help pack it away. Funnily enough the bloody set designer who vanished was now back to revel in how good it looked. No one spoke to him.

So now it’s over. I am feeling a little bereft. I am missing the people, the nerves, the fun and just the whole ‘chaos’ that I have lived with and enjoyed so much in the last few weeks. We are all planning a reunion in February which will be really nice and I am sure we’ll all be in touch on the joy that is Facebook!

I slept for hours yesterday, I think my body just needed the rest, I have been ‘edgy’ the last few weeks apparently. Now I have to get my arse in gear and get everything off for Bent’s February edition, I have been a little lame on that front. The word ‘deadline’ is ideally when things should be with the editor at the latest; I have been using that as the last few days to madly get sorted.

Oh speaking of pieces for Bent. I had a very random interview with Andy Scott Lee on Friday. He is exceptionally lovely and very shy and we did it in a rather mad place… best guess gets a prize though I am not quite sure what yet… but have a guess!

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