Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Opening Night

I think I might have to write a TV drama about a Panto organised and starring gay women and men – oh and straight man, sorry Jezza! It would make a brilliant French & Saunders like comedy for the BBC. I am on the case believe me.

So tonight was opening night and it went… interestingly. I hope the audience got the 50% off that SS2 was discussing in the dressing room. I had to dress the Dame, I have never had to dress anyone before, and I have never had to undo some of the outfits he wore and I hadn’t been shown the order to do them. That was my main drama. The nerves so far have been fine.

Tonight as one of the reviewers put it was ‘comical chaos’. No one knew what they were doing, the lights were wrong and the music went loud and silent; I was wetting myself at the back with D. So I had fun. I think tomorrow should be fine, we can’t have anymore drama’s can we?

Right am off to start writing my comedy for the BBC.

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